I Come From Where the Palm Tree Grows//De Donde Crece La Palma

Dear All,

LATlab is pleased to present I Come From Where the Palm Tree Grows//De Donde Crece La Palma, an exhibition curated by Molly Surazhsky, featuring the work of Gabriel Sosa, Mari Claudia García Ruiz, Jahaira Ríos de Galvéz, Norberto Rodriguez, Alexandra de Leon, Jorge Ravelo, and Dracula (Eli Oviedo, Dorys Bello, Juan Campuzano). 


Opening Reception: Friday June 16th , 7-10PM 

Dracula performance: 8:30PM 


1933 S. Broadway

11th floor, suite 1150



The show will remain open until July 8th with Wednesday public hours between 7-10PM.


Colonial Witchcraft Cocktails will be prepared & served by Alexandra de Leon.




My Dear Sweet,


Don’t crumple my letter, don’t hide it in the depths of your drawer, don’t tear it, and please don’t delete it.


Civil War, Revolución, American Imperialism, Soviet Russia, Período Especial, Patriarchy, the Medical Industrial Complex, Anthropocentric disaster, Neoliberalism, Neo-Nationalism, the rise of the global Right Wing and the spectacle of it all ceases to control us. We transgress, puncturing holes into the fabric of the systems that attempt to control our homes, our outer and inner lives, our lovers, our children, our brothers, sisters, our wildness, creating little specks of luminous light to dance in, until we nearly forget.


A taxi driver said that all of Cuba comes to the Malecón to fall in love. So why didn’t you let me place my face within the sweat, sticky groove of your neck where I could lay my gentle kiss?


This is a show about love existing, fighting, surviving and goddamn prevailing through the systems that enrage and attempt to control bodies in time, space, and place.


This is a subtle scream; the whisper in your ear that comes right before the kiss.



Art & Class: Is Art School Only for the Rich?

THIS SATURDAY I will be moderating this talk on KCHUNG radio! For more info and to RSVP, click here!

Enough is Enough! The exorbitant tuition costs of art school has led to exclusionary learning environments while leaving working class students with enormous debt. This event promises to be a spirited discussion by a diverse panel who have found solutions in inventive models of their own creation. By bringing these groups together we plan on forming an alternative art school Voltron and we invite you to participate!

Tune in at 1PM on kchungradio.org! In-person attendance is limited, but welcome. Please RSVP here and we will send you a map to our super secret location. Cornbread will be served.

Joining us on the panel:
Joey Cannizzaro and Dan Bustillo (Best Friends Learning Gang http://thebestfriendslearninggang.info/)
Barnett Cohen and Jules Gimbrone (PSSST http://www.pssst.xyz/)
Piero Golia (Mountain School http://www.themountainschoolofarts.org/)
Hosted By Molly Cécile Surazhsky