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Mashacare: El Paquete Medicinal
100 USB flashdrives, projection of 25 photographs on loop
Dimensions variable
Fábrica de Arte Cubano
Havana, Cuba
March 2017

Mashacare: El Paquete Medicinal was an exchange between myself and Cuban citizens. Inspired by El Paquete Semenal, Cuba's direct source of content sharing via USB flash drives, which exists under the pretense of limited internet access, I custom designed my own USB flash drives for exchange. The flash drives were filled with content related to healthcare (documentaries about shaman practices, food and nutrition, herbal healing, etc.) in addition to a PDF of mapped out research on the state of Cuban healthcare. 100 USB flash drives were freely distributed in exchange for hand written accounts of people’s personal experiences navigating healthcare in Cuba. The embellished Mashacare logo is from an ongoing project, which envisions universal healthcare.