Molly Surazhsky was born in Queens, NY in 1992. As a child and grandchild of Ukrainian émigrés, Molly Surazhsky’s practice is tinged with an inherited Post-Soviet cynicism, the same underlying attitude, which emerges in her ongoing study of the corporatization of working class lives. Utilizing sculpture, sound, photography, textile design and handmade garments Molly articulates detailed science fiction narratives involving themes of healthcare, identity, survival and global warming. Molly Surazhsky received a BFA from California Institute for the Arts, Valencia, CA (2019) and attended Mountain School of the Arts in Los Angeles, CA (2017). Recent exhibitions include Mashacare: Home of the Freaks, Misfits & Weirdoes (solo exhibition), Hunter Shaw Fine Art, Los Angeles, CA (2019); Death Show, Elevator Mondays, Los Angeles (2018); EX NIHILO, Elevator Mondays, Los Angeles (2018); CO/LAB III,Torrance Art Museum, Torrance, CA (2018); and El Acercamiento, Fábrica de Arte Cubano, Havana, CU (2017).

Molly lives and works in Los Angeles, CA.