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Art & Class: Is Art School Only for the Rich?
6’ x 2’ banner, flyers
California Institute of the Arts

Art & Class: Is Art School Only for the Rich? was a protest that began with two 6 foot banners placed on the CalArts school campus publicly addressing President Steven Lavine. One banner was placed in front of the main entrance, while the second was placed in the Tatum Lounge courtyard. Along with these banners, around 200 posters were placed throughout the school. On Graduation Day, these banners were finally removed by the school and although CalArts attempted to censor my actions, I proceeded with my protest in the form of a flyer intervention during graduation ceremony. Flyers were left on the hoods of graduation attendees’ cars detailing the collective student debt of the graduating class, collected via anonymous survey. Following the protest interventions, I moderated a discussion on KCHUNG radio to further discuss issues of accessibility to a higher education in the arts.

This conversation included:
Mountain School (Piero Golia & Andrew Berardini)
PSSST (Barnett Cohen & Jules Gimbrone)
Best Friends Learning Gang (Joey Cannizzaro & Dan Bustillo)

The conversation is archived on KCHUNG’s website, Los Angeles Contemporary Arts Archive, and can be listened to here: